We would like to partner with your Company to offer working visas in Romania. Romania is an EU country.


We create for the person a company (LTD), that person becomes the owner and the CEO of their company, and they hire themselves.

The price is 1800 euro and it includes taxes for the Company Incorporation (Headquarter rent, legalizations etc.) and Work Permit Taxes.

The payments are in 3 tranches:

  1. 600 euro at the signing of the contract
  2. 600 euro after the company is incorporated
  3. 600 euro when the visa is issued.

The following costs are not included: medical insurance needed for visa approval, ticket plane to Romania, 120 euros visa tax paid at the embassy.


The term from when we sign the contract until we send the work permit is around 1 month and a half.

The people that can apply must meet the following conditions:

  1. They have a clear criminal record (affidavit).
  2. They are medically fit to work, and they declare that they know an international language.


Our clients get a guarantee in the contract if we don`t register the application correctly and they don`t get the visa, we apply again without any costs, and if on the second time we also don`t apply correctly and we don`t get the visa, we give them all the money back.

The family under 18 years old can`t come through a working visa, they can come only after 6 months after one parent has arrived and has a residence.

The visa is for 1 year and can be renewed every year.


We are also working on a solution for obtaining a visa for Schengen Area (Germany, Holland etc.) for the persons that obtained the Romanian working visa, which will be around 5000 euro.


If you agree with these conditions and you are interested in working with us, you can write me below or contact me through WhatsApp.


Cosmin Poenaru


Bucharest Bar Lawyer

License no 1997/1-22.10.19 




Tel/ WhatsApp +40 756 154 397

Business Development Manager

Romanian Visas

Company with license number 43855614.

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