Get your Romanian Visa in 4 simple steps:
1. Complete de form below with your your name and email.
2. We will email you with the documents you have to send to us.
3. You sign the papers that we will send you by email and send them to the Romanian Embassy from your country or a neighbor country if Romania doesn’t have an embassy in your country.
4. You obtain the visa and the work permit, and you come to Romania.

What Documents do you need for applying?
1. ID Card and Passport.
2. Declaration on your own responsibility that you are medically fit to work and that you know an international language.
3. Curriculum vitae and two 3/4 photos.
4. Foreigner criminal record or another document of the same legal value issued by the authorities of the country of origin or residence translated and legalized.
5. Medical insurance valid through the duration of the visa.

For the company papers, we take care of all the paperwork.